Online Content Management & Content Publishing System

Web CMS gives you a flexible way to
maintain all or part of your website

Our website CMS makes it easy for you to add new functionality or
replace existing parts of your website. Using our web-based system, you can then make
additions or alterations at any time using any computer with Internet access.



Why use Web CMS?

Make updates anywhere

Keeping a website up to date and relevant to your customers can be the difference between winning or losing a sales lead.

Easy to Use

Easy to use web based interface - with no technical skills required.

Add to any website

Using our Web CMS you can choose just how much of your website is under content management.

Affordable Pricing

As a subscription service you can choose how much of how little of the website that you put under content management.

Selection of modules

A range of pre-defined modules allows you to quickly add specific functionality to your website.

Custom modules

Custom modules can be produced to create site specific solutions.

Web CMS is a software as a service solution from 3 Legs Ltd. This means that there is a monthly fee to use the service. This fee allows you to use the service and include basic tech support. Upgrades to the service will be added and made available to all subscribers as they are completed.

Please note: Our CMS is an end user service, we do not currently allow thrid party developer access to our service.