CMS Data Modules

Our CMS data modules are the ideal way to add structured content management elements to any website. These modules cover a range of common website functions, from press releases and photo galleries to video galleries. The web-based interface allows you to maintain your website from any Internet-enabled computer.


The news module allows you to maintain a list of news items on your website. There is also a RSS feed option.


The blog module allows you to maintain a list of blog items on your website. There is also a RSS feed option.

Video Articles

The video Articles module allows you to maintain a series of article pages with a video as the main focus of the page. The system will produce an index list of articles and an RSS feed of the video articles.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar module features a calendar whereby selecting a day, a summary list of events on that day is shown. You can then click specific events to bring up more information about them.


The gallery module allows you to maintain photo, video or audio galleries on your website. The gallery consists of a thumbnail list of items in each gallery and a viewer/playback area.

Document Archive

The Document Archive module allows you to create a page of downloadable documents. You can create either a single page or multiple pages with an A-Z index.


This module allows you to add testimonials to your website. Each testimonial has its own web page and there is an index of the latest testimonials.


This module allows you to enter details of available offers with a start date and end date. Each offer has its own information page and each time you publish, the system will generate an index page listing the currently available offers.

Store Finder

This allows you to create individual information pages for each store. This information includes the location coordinates of the store. On the website, these stores are displayed on a Google Map with markers showing the store locations. Selecting a marker shows the store's address and links to the page about that store. There is also a postcode search, which allows users to enter their postcode and find and display any relevant stores within a set radius.


Custom Modules

Using the power of our CMS we can create custom modules tailored to your websites specific data requirements.