Product Catalogue

Using 3 Legs Web Cart you can manage and maintain all your products via an easy to use web-based interface. You can enter various bits of information about each product and assign images. Each product can have a number of different types of information stored against them, including:

In addition to products, you can create a series of categories and sub-categories to build up a catalogue. Using this information we are then able to create a product catalogue for your website using our default catalogue templates.

We also offer a custom catalogue template service where we can customise templates to meet the needs of your website.


Shopping Cart

As part of our Web Cart service we provide a hosted shopping cart and order processing service. This allows users to add products to their basket and then place their order, all through our dedicated website which is styled to match your website. This approach means you have no software to install on your website or SSL certificate requirements.

When users checkout our system is able to calculate the delivery for the order based on their delivery destination. The basic service includes basic delivery calculation based on the number of items order, order value or weight of order with delivery via a single carrier option. Advanced delivery calculation and multiple carriers is available as an addon service. We also offer addon services for user account and promotion/voucher codes.

Once a user is ready to pay for their order we will send details of the order to one of the supported payment services. They then take all the card details and process the payment and notify us of a successful payment. This means that at no point does our system or your website store, transmit or process the card details.


Order Processing

Once a successful order has been placed the customer receives an order acknowledgement and you the retailer get a new order notification. You can then simply login to the Retailer Control Panel and view details of the order. As you process the order you can change its status from New to Pending and then Complete.


If you have specific requirements for your e-commerce website then please contact us.