Easy to use

Using our Content Management System (CMS) you enter the details of each listing item. We then use this information to produce an information page on your website and a data file for the query engine. As a web-based solution, you can maintain the entries from any computer with internet access. Data is input by the website owner, there is no automated data input.

Listing Pages

When we set up Web Lists we create a specific data template based on your requirements, be they a directory for Job, Cars, Properties etc. From this data we then create individual information pages to match your website design and upload them to your website.

Query Engine

In order for people to find the entries that best match their needs, we use a hosted query engine. This means there is no software to install on your website and, as we upgrade the query engine, any new feature becomes available to all customers. You can simply add search widgets to your website to perform searches and the results are displayed in a results page on your website. From here users can then click to see more information and are taken to the individual listing page that we have published to your site.

Add to any site

Since this is a Software as a Service product it can be added to any website to manage either part or all of the website. There is no software to install on the hosting server, so any hosting package can be used. You can also use our Web List in conjunction with our Web CMS or Web Cart services to provide a total website solution.