Web based shopping cart e-commerce software

Web Cart the simple cost effective way
of adding e-commerce to any website

Adding an online store to your new or existing website is easy with Web Cart. As a hosted
service, we create and publish a catalogue to your site based on your product data. Orders
are then processed via our centralised server meaning there is no software to install on
your website or hosting.



Why use Web Cart?

Make updates anywhere

Keeping a website up to date and relevant to your customers can be the difference between winning or losing a sales lead.

Easy to Use

Easy to use web based interface - with no technical skills required.

Add to any website

Web Cart is a hosted software as a service solution ready to add to your website or be included in a standalone website that we build.

Affordable Pricing

By using an online web based service such as Web Cart you can reduce the cost of adding e-commerce to your website.

Generates a catalogue for your site

The online system can then generate the product catalogue for your website.

Order Processing System

Once users are ready to place their order our system will collect all the required information.

Web Cart is a software as a service solution from 3 Legs Ltd. This means that there is a monthly fee to use the service. This fee allows you to use the service and includes basic tech support. Upgrades to the service will be added and made available to all subscribers as they are completed.



How it works with your site

Please note: Our web cart service is an end user service, we do not currently allow thrid party developer access to our service.